Emergency Claims

Losses that occur that have the POTENTIAL OF ONGOING DAMAGE if not attended to immedately are considered "emergency claims".  Some examples of an emergency claim are:

  • Fire
  • Water Damage that is ongoing
  • Hail or Wind Damage that has caused your roof to leak 
  • Break & Enter - leaving the building vulnerable

See below to report an emergency claim.

Non-Emergency Claims

Losses that occur that will NOT RESULT IN ONGOING DAMAGE if not attended to immedately are considered "non-emergency claims".  Some examples of a non-emergency claim are:

  • Break and Enter - Doors and Windows are secured
  • Hail Damage - no leaking
  • Mysterious Dissapearance (Losing something)
  • Carpet Stains

See below to report a non-emergency claim.

Reporting a Non-Emergency Claim

To report a non-emergency claim during our regular office hours, please call our office.

McIvor Mall 204.339.2048   Rivergrove 204.334.4373

If you would prefer to report your claim on-line, please select your insurance company below to be linked to their website, or select "Report to Team" below.

Aviva Canada
Red River Mutual
Intact Claims hotline (24/7): 1 866 464 2424

Emergency Claim - Report By Phone

To report an emergency claim during our regular office hours, please call our office at  as soon as possible.

McIvor Mall 204.339.2048   Rivergrove 204.334.4373

For after hours emergency claims, please call one of our offices, have your policy ready, if possible, and follow the voicemail prompts. McIvor office 204-339-2048 or Rivergrove 204-334-4373.

What now?

After a loss has occured, it is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to minimize the damage, or prevent further damage from occurring.

Emergency clean up and repairs

  • Set up fans to dry up water
  • Board up a window or door to secure your home
  • Report any burglary or theft to police.
  • Report your claim to our office at your earliest opportunity, we can provide more suggestions to you as well.

In the event of a liability accident, please phone Team Insurance Brokers immediately, regardless of who may have caused the accident.

Ask questions such as "What coverage do I have?" "How long does the claim process usually take?" Who is responsible to obtain damage estimates?" "Does my claim exceed my deductible?" As soon as it is safe to do so, make temporary repairs and take other steps to protect your property from further damage. Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to your adjuster for consideration. Remember that payments for temporary repairs are part of the total settlement.

You may be required to submit various forms or documents in support of your insurance claim. Examples are: "proof of loss" forms, receipts for items that are replaced, medical invoices, repair bills, and a copy of the police report. Your adjuster and Team Insurance Brokers will help explain what is needed. Return the properly completed forms as soon as possible to your adjuster. Let us know where you can be reached. Maintain records of your expenses and copies of your paper work. Also retain copies of whatever documents and correspondence we provide to you.

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