Your Health

Published by TeamInsuranceBrokers on March 16 2020

With all this talk about coughs, and germs, here are a  few suggestions for each of you to Take Care of yourselves, and by association, our Community!

  • Social Distancing – take this seriously!  If you are not worried about getting sick yourself, great!  Please think about your parents, grandparents, and those of your colleagues and our community.

  • Vitamins – Vitamins may help boost your immune system: (talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or naturopath about any conflicts of meds if you are on others).

  • Wash your hands, don't just use hand sanitizer.

  • Fresh Air – Never a bad idea, especially if your throat is feeling irritated by all the hand sanitizer and wipes!

  • Get more Rest – getting enough sleep is always good for you!

  • Don’t stress about what you cannot control – Turn off the news for a while and laugh!  We are all in this together, and will figure this out as it comes.  Caution is great, Panic is not! 

  • Watch out for increased Cyber-attacks, spam emails, phone calls etc. – If it seems odd, question it!  There will be people trying to jump at the vulnerabilities that present themselves.