Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Grey Cup Licence Plates

Published by TeamInsuranceBrokers on June 01 2020

To commemorate the Winnipeg Blue Bombers big win of the 107th Grey Cup in 2019, the Blue Bombers have redesigned their passenger vehicle/truck plates.

Grey cup fans have been not so patiently waiting to end the 29 year drought, so a celebration is definitely in order!

The revised license plates will be available for order starting June 1, 2020.   Customers who had ordered Winnipeg Blue Bomber plates before June 1, 2020, will receive the gold version. Customers who order plates on or after June 1, 2020 will receive the Grey Cup Champions plates. As of that date, the gold plate design will no longer be available for passenger vehicles and trucks.  The Winnipeg Blue Bomber motorcycle plates have not been redesigned.

If you'd like to proudly sport a set of these plates on your vehicle, please call Our Team at McIvor Mall or Rivergrove Shopping Centre or stop in to get more information and place your order.