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Off Road Vehicle Accident Benefits

Published by TeamInsuranceBrokers on January 11 2016

Many people who own and/or operate Off Road Vehicles such as Snowmobiles and ATV’s are unaware that the basic insurances included by Manitoba Public Insurance for these vehicle types are not the same as those provided on their Passenger Vehicle/Truck policies.

There are a number of differences, but by far the most concerning relates to personal injuries incurred as a result of the use and operation of Off-Road Vehicles. The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) is designed to react to medical/death/funeral costs and loss of income for accidents involving motor vehicles on public roadways, and as such does not apply to Off-Road Vehicles.

Some Manitobans may carry their own individual or group/employer sponsored disability polices, however these policies are highly variable in coverage types and amounts.  For those without any coverage or inadequate coverage, an injury and the loss of income that may follow can be financially crippling. Should another party be the cause of your injury, you may have no other option but to take up legal action at your own expense for lost income or increased living expenses.

To provide a coverage option to react to the costs involved in Off-Road Vehicle injuries Manitoba Public Insurance offers a product called ‘Accident Benefits’.

Accident Benefits can be added at any time during the policy term, and provides coverage for injuries incurred when driving, riding in or on, or operating an off-road vehicle, colliding with, or being struck down or run over by a moving off-road vehicle or trailer, or when mounting/dismounting an Off-Road Vehicle.  Subject to some sub limits for each, coverage extends to funeral expenses, death benefits, payment to self supporting spouse,   payment for permanent impairment, weekly indemnity for disability, as well as medical and rehabilitation expenses.

The annual cost for this coverage is $125, which may be charged on a seasonal basis depending on the type of Off-Road Vehicle. The coverage is tied to the vehicle, which means coverage is in force for any Manitoba resident operating the vehicle with permission from the registered owner. When using another individual’s Off-Road Vehicle, it is important for you to ask and know whether or not injuries you may incur are insured.