Registering for Driver Z

Published by lrschellenberg on March 04 2021

Manitoba Public Insurance in collaboration with Manitoba High Schools and Driving instructors has started offering Drivers Z courses again.  And no, that’s not me trying to be cool, it is actually now called “Driver Z” (get it…. Driver….Zed – insert knee slap) not “Drivers Ed” like back in the day (do I sound old now?). 

The changes are in more than just the name!  Think back to simpler times, when you, the parent signed up for Drivers Ed….. You added your name to a sign up sheet in the hallway at school (super confidential right?), your parent wrote a cheque that you brought to the first class, and you were on your way!  NOW FORGET ALL OF THAT!  The signup process, and the entire training program has changed.  But don’t worry, Our Team is here to help you through all of this!

Keep reading below for a step by step guide of what you need to do.  This blog is full of links to more information so make sure you click them too!

Here’s a run down of what you’re going to need to do:

STEP 1. Set up a Customer File with MPI.  A big part of this process is providing documentation to prove your identity and legal address in Manitoba. 

  • Typically this includes a birth certificate, passport, Manitoba Health Card and a Guarantor Form.  Check out MPI's ID Wizard or call our office to talk through everything that you need to bring.
  • Provide email address for the online training.
  • Complete a Driver Z Parental Consent Form (select online services) ** hang on to this!
  • Customers must be 15.5 years old by the date of the Knowledge Test.   

STEP 2. Request the Driver Z “Service”, have your photo taken and pay $50 - Our Team will give you a “Service Request Form” ** hang on to this for later!

STEP 3. Start working on your online training – customers will receive an email with a user ID and link to the Driver Z app. They are asked to log-in and complete 29 learning activities (approx. 12 hours) prior to the first in-class session.  "Trust me, it's not as long as you think" -from a Team'ers nephew!  This will also help you select and set up your “safe driving support team” which includes at least one co-pilot and a supervising driver (and yes, they can be the same person).  Remind your co-pilot to complete their courses (approx. 3 hours) as well!

  • Supervising driver: someone who sits next to you while you acquire practice time. This individual must have held their Class 5 Full stage (5F) driver’s license for at least three years.
  • Co-pilot: someone who will log on to Driver Z (either on a computer or phone) to verify your practice time online. Your co-pilot must be an MPI customer. You can invite up to eight co-pilots to share the responsibility. Co-pilots must complete eLessons 1-6 online.

STEP 4. Keep an eye out on the Course Finder to locate the class that you want and the registration date for that class. 

STEP 5. Visit Our Team on the registration date to “sign up” for the class that you want – don’t forget to bring your “Driver Z - Application for Service” form, it’s also super helpful if you bring the course numbers of your first and second choice (or even third and fourth if you have them!)

  • The next registration date is March 22, 2021 – keep in mind that our office has limited capacity due to COVID19 regulations, and that there will likely be a line up!
  • To avoid any hiccups, it is highly recommended that the student, and a parent are present for registration.  If this is not possible, call Our Team in advance so that we can make sure that everything is already set up for you.

STEP 6. Attend your Virtual or Classroom Training

  • You will receive an email with a WebEx link with login info within 24 hours of the start of your virtual course.
  • Your Co-pilot will need to attend the “kick off class”/ Parent night
  • Lessons Continue - Virtual & Online
  • This includes a knowledge test and vision screening. Once a customer passes both tests, stop by Our Office to apply for their Class 5 Learner license.

STEP 7. In car training will be set up through your instructor, during Driver Z in-car training, customers are also required to complete a minimum of 45 hours of home-based practice with their co-pilot.

STEP 8. Stop by our office to Request and schedule a road test  

  • You'll be eligible 9 months after the effective date of your learner's license
  • The cost is $30. 
  • Pass with flying colours!

STEP 9. Stop by our office to validate your Intermediate license!

Feel free to reach out to Our Team at any point in the process, and we’ll work hard to make sure that you are Taken Care of.