Manitoba Public Insurance Reduces Rental Vehicle Insurance Rate

Published by TeamInsuranceBrokers on March 03 2019

Effective March 1, 2019 it is now even more affordable for Manitobans renting or borrowing a vehicle in the United States to purchase Rental Vehicle Insurance from Our Team through Manitoba Public Insurance.

The daily rate for Rental Vehcile Insurance for vehicle rented in the United States is now $5/day with a minimum charge of three days premium and a $15 policy fee.

Rental Vehicle Insurance provides Third Party Liability $10,000,000 and all perils coverage for non-owned vehicles, which the policyholder rents or borrows for personal or business use.  Coverage for claims made against the policyholder by the rental car company, for lost revenue, is also included.

A non-owned vehicle is an eligible vehicle that:

  • Is in the personal care, custody or control of the insured;
  • Is named in a valid and subsisting registration certificate, or its equivalent, in Canada or the United States;
  • Is not owned by, leased to, or registered in the name of an insured; and,
  • Is not borrowed from any person (including an 'immediate family member' of the insured) who resides in the same dwelling unit or premises as the insured. (Rental Vehicle Insurance provides coverage if the immediate family member does not reside in the same dwelling or premises as the insured.)

Rental Vehicle Insurance is only available to Manitoba residents, including temporary residents, with a valid Manitoba driver's licence, who are at least 16 years of age. Applicants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the application form.  Rental Car policies must be in the same name as the rental agreement for coverage to be valid.

Rental Car Coverage it is not available to corporate customers.

Rental Vehicle Insurance covers the policyholder and any other operator, provided the operator:

  • Has the policyholder’s permission to operate the vehicle;
  • Is qualified or authorized by law to operate the vehicle; and,
  • Holds a valid Manitoba driver’s licence or its equivalent. (Equivalent means if the operator is not a Manitoba resident, the operator must be qualified or authorized by law in the jurisdiction in which the operator resides.)

Talk to Our Team for more information on Rental Car Coverage or for rates within Manitoba or Canada.