Insurance Tips for Snowbirds

Published by TeamInsuranceBrokers on November 05 2014

The crisp cool morning air can only mean one thing… the dreaded Winter is coming.

Last month, the Canadian Association for Retired People (CARP) Manitoba chapter, invited Team Insurance to do a presentation on travel health coverage and to provide some insurance TIPS for Snowbirds traveling south for the winter. It was a very informative session with lots of great feedback from all who attended. We wanted to highlight one of the discussed TIPS here on our blog  to draw attention to an issue that may affect us all at one point or another.

Your insurance policy will stipulate requirements when leaving your home for an extended time or even just for a few days.  Some Insurance companies require the home to be checked every 24 hours by a competent person. Some policies may require all water holding devices and pipes (be) drained and the water turned off if you are leaving for more than 48 hours.  Other Insurance companies simply require “reasonable care” be taken to prevent any damage occurring while you are away from your residence.

Contact your Insurance Broker prior to leaving for your trip to discuss what the stipulations are with regards to your particular policy and what specific requirements may pertain to your particular situation.

We also recommend that you explore a few options when applying for Travel health coverage for your holiday or extended vacation to make sure you have the best option available to suit your needs. Some travel health insurance companies have stricter rules and definitions regarding “pre-existing” conditions or changes in medical status. Some companies have stricter eligibility criteria than others as well.

Discuss with your Insurance Broker the travel insurance companies they offer to get the best options for you to ensure you don’t have any issues down the road.

Thanks for reading and Safe and Happy Travels!