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Water Damage from Last Night? Here’s What You Need to Know

Published by Verda on June 21 2013

Last night, Winnipeg was hit with heavy rainfall, the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite some time. The rain was so bad, in fact, that the city shut down some streets. The effects of the downpour unfortunately were felt inside homes and businesses. Anecdotal reports and photos of 1-2 feet of water in basements came in from neighbourhoods such as River Heights and Charleswood were populating email strings and social media. Of course, in situations like this one of the first thoughts is to what is covered in your insurance policy. We encourage any customers of Team Insurance Brokers to contact our offices to speak with your broker, but as a general reminder, we do want to provide some information upfront on what is and what is not covered when it comes to water in your home or business. There is no coverage for seepage or overland flooding on residential and commercial insurance policies.  Sewer backup is also not part of a standard package and must be purchased separately. If you do not yet have coverage, please contact us for more information.  Sewer backup coverage can only be added or increased on your renewal. If you have any questions or concerns about your insurance policy, please call us immediately, at 204 339-2048 or 204 334-4373, use our Live Chat during business hours or fill out our contact form here.